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2022    Mamadou Y., T Global Intonation and Prosodic Domains in Ede Chaabe Yes/No Questions. ALS6 Information Structure Workshop, July, 2022; Porto-Novo, Benin. [PPT]

2022    Mamadou Y., T and and D'Imperio, M. Modeling Tone-Intonation Interactions in Ede Chaabe: Production and Perception. ACAL, April, 2022, UCSD. [Abstract][PPT]

2020    Mamadou Y., T; D'Imperio, M.; Dai, H., & Kleinschmidt, D. Global and local pitch level in Chaabe is not predicted by the frequency code. JASA, 148, 2725.

2020    Mamadou Y., T. Long Distance Processes in Tone and Subsequentiality. NECPhon, NYU; Nov 2020. PPT

2020    Mamadou Y., T. Representation in the Computation of Tone. Linguistics Open House, Rutgers University; Feb 2020. PPT

2019    Mamadou Y., Tajudeen and Jardine, Adam. Representation and the Computation of Tone Processes. AMP, Stony Brook; Oct 2019. [poster][handout][paper]

2019    Camargo, L. & Mamadou Y., T.  Prosody and nasality in two Panoan languages of the Yaminawa dialect complex. Symposium on Amazonian Languages, UC Berkeley, Spring 2019. [handout]

2019    Mamadou, T. Word-level accent in Zarma. PhoNE, Yale; Spring 2019. [PPT

2019    Mamadou, T. Word-level accent in Zarma. ACAL50, UBC, Vancouver, Canada; Spring 2019. [PPT

2019    Akinlabi, A., Mamadou, T., Mitchley, H. and Gondo, B. The Phonology and Syntax of Tone Spreading in Dan. ACAL50, UBC, Vancouver, Canada; May 2019. [handout][manuscript

2018    Mamadou Y., T. The acoustics of shouting: a case study of English vowels. Final Paper/Data Science. Rutgers University; May 2018. PPT

2018    Mamadou Y., T. f0-Vowel Duration Correlation is not Universally Negative. RULingXIII. Rutgers University; Mar 22-25, 2018. PPT

2018    Mamadou Y., T. Influences of level tones on vowel duration in Yoruba. 49th Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL 49). University of Michigan; Mar 22-25, 2018. PPT

2017    Mamadou Y., T. Phrasal Construction Tonology (based on Harry & Hyman 2014). Linguistics Round Table. The University of Iowa, Feb 9, 2017. PPT

2017    Mamadou Y., T. Stress in Tagalog. Linguistics Round Table. The University of Iowa, February 2, 2017.

2016    Mamadou Y., T. DPs in Swahili. Class Presentation. The University of Iowa, Fall 2016. Handout


2016    Mamadou Y., T. Acoustic properties of vowels in shouted (Mid-western) American English. Linguistics Round Table. The University of Iowa, October 7, 2016.

2013    Mamadou Y., T. Numerals in Èdè tʃá!abɛ́. BA project Defense. The University of Abomey-Calavi, February 20, 2013.

2012   Mamadou Y., T. Tone spreading in Caabe numerals. Colloque Interdisciplinaire en Sciences Humaines (Human Sciences Interdisciplinary Colloquium). University of Abomey-Calavi, November 16-17, 2012.

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