Mamadou Y., T; Jardine, A. Representation and the Computation of Long Distance Tone Processes.Supplemental Proceedings of the 2019 Annual Meeting on Phonology. Washington, DC: Linguistic Society of America. PDF
Mamadou Y., T. Input Melody Local Functions and the Computation of Tone. Second Qualifying Paper. Advisor: Prof. Adam Jardine; Rutgers University, In Progress.
Camargo, L. & Mamadou Y., T. (ms.) Prosody and nasality in two Panoan languages of the Yaminawa dialect complex.
Mamadou Y., Tadjou-N’Dine (2018). Word-level Accent in Zarma. QP1. Advisor: Akinlabi Akinbiyi; Rutgers University. PDF
Mamadou Y., Tadjou-N’Dine (2018). The Acoustics of Shouting: A case study of English vowels. Independent project. Advisor: Joseph Casillas; Rutgers University. PDF
Mamadou Y., Tadjou-N’Dine (2013). Numerals in Èdè tʃá!abɛ́. BA project. Advisor: Flavien Gbéto; University of Abomey-Calavi. French Version PDF
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